PRODUCTION_film_01Over the past 10 years Ruth Montgomery-Andersen and Qiajuk Production has produced and directed several films. The focus of film production is to meet cultural and philosophical needs of families in Greenland. She has together with Totak Produksjon been a part of the team that produce films on family life in Greenland, midwifery in Greenland and teaching tools for professionals working with the survivors of sexual abuse. As a film director Ruth has directed and produced one film “ The Meeting”.

2012. Inuulluataarneq Vignettes. Producer and Project Manager under the Inuulluataarneq Research Project funded by the National Science Foundation (Award No. 0908151) that was granted in June 2009.  Vignettes were produced with a supplementary grant was awarded in 2010, specifically for students, competency building and information dissemination of the Inuulluataarneq Project. The Principal investigator is Dr. Elizabeth Rink at MSU–Montana State University. Vignettes

2010. The Meeting. Director/ Producer for documentary “The Meeting”. Showcased at the International Black Women’s Film Festival in Oakland, 2010, San Diego Black Film Festival, 60 N, Os Norway and the Inuit Studies Conference Film Festival. The Meeting (trailer).

2009. Qanuqtuurni – Finding the balance. Resources and a live TV Phone-in Series on Inuit Wellness. Vignette production. 12th of May 2009. Consultant and producer on the Circumpolar Inuit Wellness Program. Qanuqtuurni (video clip).

2009. Nuummioq. Associate Producer for Greenland’s first feature length film. Sundance Festival 2010 and Best Male Actor at Palm Spring’s Film Festival 2011. Nuummioq (Trailer).

2009. Ajortoq Toqqortaq Part II. Co-Producer on this documentary/teaching film for professionals. Part two concerns life as a grown-up after being sexually abused as a child.

2006. The Raven’s Call. Director of TV production of NAPA’s production of dance theatre “The Raven’s Call” (Video clip).

2005. Ajortoq Toqqotaq Part I. Producer for documentary/teaching film for professionals who work with women/men who have been sexually abused as children.

2003. Birth on Human Terms/ At Skabe en Fremtid/ Ilaqutaarinngorneq
Co-Producer. A documentary film on the changing role of families within the Greenlandic society.

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