Qiajuk Productions

About the name

Qiajuk is a name that originates from the northern part of Greenland. It means “one who easily cries. At the same time it is the name of an amazing Greenlandic women who was a drum dancer and a shaman. A woman easily touched to tears and still a strong women in her own right: QIAJUK

“There was a woman Qiajuk who was a great Shaman. And we Inughuit are very fortune to have her song in heritage to continue the way of life which connect us with our ancestors” Quote from Robert Hivshu Perry III

Qiajuk Drum song

About Ruth

Dr. Ruth Montgomery-Andersen is a researcher, educator and cultural activist.

She is a multifaceted professional that focuses on a holistic approach to health, health promotion, ethics, use of culture and cultural awareness. Ruth Montgomery-Andersen focuses her research on mother/ child health, CBPR (Community- based Participatory Research), reproductive health and empowerment.

She has experience in collaborative work on Health Impact Assessments-HIA, describing the possible effects of development projects on the health of Greenlandic communities.

Curriculum Vitae