Qiajuk Dance Studios

Who is Qiajuk Studios?

Qiajuk Studios is Nuuk’s only dance studio, owned and managed by Ruthand Alexandr Montgomery- Andersen. Quiajuk’s goal is to create a vibrant dance arena in Greenland. We have a strong platform that focuses on children and youth and their dance development and provides highly qualified dance instructors. Our instructors are able to provide classes in Ballet, Urban Styles, Modern /Contemporary and Jazz. The studio offers diverse workshops throughout the year and Qiajuk has approximately 10 scholarships per year for children and youth dance students.

- Qiajuk Studios a studio in Nuuk Greenland -

Qiajuk’s mission is to create a dance arena in Greenland. It focuses on children and youth and their development. By opening a dance studio, we are able to enhance the education of dance teachers in Greenland. Qiajuk will focus on workshops and classes in Mask dance, Drum dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Breakdance and Hip Hop. 

Ruth Montgomery-Andersen Qiajuk Studios Owner

Alexander Montgomery-Andersen Qiajuk Studios Owner

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Mail: info@qiajuk.com

Telephone: +299 22 20 90

Adresse: Sarfaannguit 4b, 3900 Nuuk

“Dance like nobody's watching & Sing like nobody's listening”

William W. Purkey