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Dance Educator / Dance Artist-in-Residence at Qiajuk Studios
Spring season 2020

Photo: Cebastian Rosing / Cloud Nine Media

Qiajuk Studios is searching for a dance educator / dance artist-in-residence to teach urban styles, and to facilitate different community outreach performance events for our students. All whilst we can offer studio space for your own research and creation, accommodation, an artist stipend, and the opportunity to showcase your work to a local audience.

Where: Nuuk, Greenland
When: February 13 – May 23, 2020
Deadline for applications: December 1, 2019

Our Studio
Qiajuk Studios is Greenland’s only dance studio located in the capital Nuuk. We are a young, developing dance community with 4 teachers offering 26 classes every week to over 200 students each season. We offer classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, urban styles and vertical dance. We have a Performance group comprised of young dance artists creating dance experiences at different events.

Our Residence 
Greenland is in many ways a country which is hard to get to – a small population and enormous distances makes it expensive to reach, and to find a place to stay in. This residence creates opportunity for dancers to come and stay in Greenland for longer periods of time, and give dancers chances to have dialogues and interaction with local artists, students and common citizens with interests in art and culture.

What we can offer
– a unique residence opportunity in a vibrant young dance community
– studio space for your own research and development
– travel expenses covered
– room accommodation in shared space
– artistic and academic mentoring
– possibility for collaboration with local artists
– opportunity to showcase your own works 
– free enrollment in dance technique classes

What we expect
– professional dancer or dance student with a versatile training background 
– responsibility for teaching urban styles classes to children and youth ages 6-25, beginner-intermediate level.
– ability to facilitate community outreach performance events for young dancers.
– presentation of own work.
– flexibility in working hours and willingness to substitute teach.
– Language proficiency in English and preferably Danish or Norwegian

To apply, please send e-mail to including your CV, cover letter and showreel or video of practice.

Contact details: Maliina Jensen, Administrative Manager, Qiajuk Studios –

Danse Studios - Kalaallisut

Qiajuk Dance Studios

Qiajuk Studios suua?

Qiajuk Studios qitittarfituaavoq Nuummi. Ruth Montgomery-Andersenilu piginnittuulluni Alexander Montgomery-Andersen piginneqaataalluni. Qiajuk Studiomit anguniarneqarpoq Kalaallit Nunatsinni qitinnermik ingerlatsisunik pilersitsinissaq. Qitittartut aamma inuit akunnerminni pissusiinut tunngasoq. Ukiut tamaasa meeqqat inuusuttuaqqallu assigiinngitsut stipendiatinik qulinik tunineqartarput. Qiajuk Studios anguniarsarinnaavippaa ilinniartitsisoqarnissaa piukkunnaatillit. Qiajuk Studiop neqeroorutigai Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern/Contemporary aamma Jazz. Ukiup ingerlanerani pikkorissarnerit assigiinngitsut aamma neqeroorutigaagut.

- Qiajuk Studios qitinnermut ilinniarfik Nuummi -

Qiajuk Studiomi Kalaallit Nunatsinni qitittarneq siaruaallugu anguniarusupparput. Tamaani nakkutiginiarparput meeqqat, inuusuttullu ineriartornerat. Qitittarfimmik ammaassinermi ilinniartitsisut immikkoortut, qitittariaatsit assiigiinngitsunik ilinniartitsisinnaasunik periarfissanngortinneqassaaq. Qiajuk Studiomi periarfissaapput pikkorissarnermut taavalu uaajaarnermut, qilaatersornermut, ballet, Breakdance taavalu hiphop-ernermut ilinniartinneqarneq.

Ruth Montgomery-Andersen Qiajuk Studiop Piginnuttua

Alexander Montgomery-Andersen Qiajuk Studip Piginnittua




Telefon: +299 22 20 90

Adresse: Sarfaannguit 4b, 3900 Nuuk

“Dance like nobody's watching & Sing like nobody's listening”

William W. Purkey

Danse Studios - Kalaallisut


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